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Postcard from the Past: Solemint Store in Canyon Country

June 24, 2009

solemint store

Pictured (via is a 1950s postcard of the Solemint Store in modern day Canyon Country. An additional post on, written by Jo Ellen Rismanchi, explains the interesting history of the area including celebrity sightings and reveals more details about the store:

At the southeast corner of Soledad Canyon Road and Sierra Highway stood the Solemint Store, opened in 1938 by Alfred Clark. A general store, it catered to the needs of local residents, particularly through the World War II years. Clark had connections that enabled him to provide black-market supplies such as black silk nylons, bubble gum, red meat and sugar. The store had a variety of dry goods, notions and collectibles — everything from canned foods and freshly butchered meat to nick-knacks.

One of the celebrity sightings included a film icon:

Another well-remembered “movie star sighting” at the junction occurred when Clark Gable came through for lunch with 20 or so of his pals, all of them riding motorcycles and all of them sporting fashionable leather jackets.

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