City Receives Top Honors on Bouquet Canyon Creek Restoration Project

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The City of Santa Clarita is committed to preserving its natural spaces and resources.  These efforts were recently recognized by the American Public Works Association (APWA), which named the Bouquet Canyon Creek Restoration Project the “best environmental project of the year.”

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The Bouquet Canyon Creek Restoration Project was initiated in 2001 to preserve a portion of the Creek that runs along the outer perimeter of Central Park, and is the last natural stretch of the Creek in the City.  During storms, the Creek flow caused severe bank erosion, so the Restoration Project was designed to stabilize the bank, slow erosion, and preserve the Creek’s natural flow, in addition to adding native plants to the area.

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In 2010, the City purchased 3.6 acres of property surrounding the Creek and began the project, which was completed in June 2013 by City staff.  This included planting native Sycamore, Elderberry, and Toyon plants and installing a temporary, solar-powered irrigation system to help water the plants until they mature and can survive on rainfall alone.  Plaques were also installed along the trail lining the Creek to provide information about the project to the public.

For more information about the Bouquet Canyon Creek Restoration Project and its recognition as the APWA’s “best environmental project of the year,” contact the City of Santa Clarita’s Environmental Services Division at (661) 286-4098.

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