2009 City of Santa Clarita Graffiti Report


Pictured is one of the City's graffiti removal pressure-washers

The City of Santa Clarita’s 2009 Graffiti Report is now online. The Santa Clarita City Council has a zero-tolerance policy for graffiti and, as the numbers indicate, the Graffiti Removal division has been busy…

Click for full report

Besides just cleaning up graffiti, the City has a proactive presence in the community and reaches out to school kids through assemblies. The City is also serious about apprehending the graffiti vandals and offers reward money up to $500 for citizens who can provide tips which lead to the arrest and/or conviction of graffiti vandals. In 2009 alone there were 177 graffiti arrests for graffiti with 70 adults and 107 juveniles arrested for the crime.

To report graffiti in the City of Santa Clarita call: 661-25-CLEAN. For more information on graffiti clean-up and for contact numbers for graffiti clean-up outside City limits click here.


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