Meet the VACTOR

The Vactor is one serious vacum cleaner

The VACTOR is one serious vacuum cleaner

The City’s Environmental Services Divsion got a new addition recently with the arrival of the 2100 series VACTOR maintenance truck.  The new truck represents state-of-the art technology in stormwater drain cleaning and maintenance. Cleaning the 300 plus storm drains in the City is a vital function to keep up with environmental standards and the new equipment allows the City to operate more quickly and cost effective.


The new VACTOR truck allows the operator to pull up to a storm drain, drop in a hose attachment and literally suck up debris. The suction is powerful enough to pick-up a bowling ball from 14 feet away! Other features include an deploy-able camera and high pressure hose to clear blockages.  Aquisition of the truck was made possible, in part, by a $25,000 grant from Clean Transportation Funding from MSRC.

The Vactor is powered by clean burning CNG fuel

The VACTOR is powered by clean burning CNG fuel


 Vactor Video



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