Mayor for a Day

Elston He with Mayor Frank Ferry

Elston He with Mayor Frank Ferry

Elston He was one of the “Mayor for a Day” winners picked from a live chat session with “Mayor Dude” Frank Ferry on The chat was held in April when local students were asked, “If you were Mayor for a Day, what would you do?” Five students were selected and will spend the day with Mayor Ferry June 16th. Elston had to move up the date so he could squeeze in a summer of international travel en-route to his first semester at Harvard University.

Elston, a West Ranch High School senior, said that if he were mayor for a day, he would consider two courses of action. First, he would lift all sales taxes for a day, which would increase consumption. If this could boost revenue through job creation in the long run, then it would provide a very strong argument for a decrease in taxes, he said. Second, as an attempt to bring the youth into the City, he would hold an open house for City government to allow students to come see government officials in action.

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