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Postcards from the Past: Great Saugus Train Robbery

November 10, 2009
great saugus train robbery

This picture, via, shows the wreckage the following day has multiple accounts of one of the most famous incidents in Santa Clarita Valley history which happened on this day, November 10, 90 years ago: the Great Saugus Train Robbery.

From and noted Santa Clarita Valley historian Jerry Reynolds:

The most spectacular local robbery occurred during the early evening of Nov. 10, 1929. After pulling into the Saugus Station for water, a massive three-barreled steam locomotive of the 5000 series left at 7:40 p.m., rounding the bend at Bouquet Junction, then starting to gather speed as she headed out Soledad Canyon. Suddenly Engine No. 59 began to lurch violently back and forth. Then, after chewing up 600 yards of track, it crashed over on its side as a torrent of flaming red sparks flew from spinning drivers. The engineer barely escaped being scalded to death as his steamer slid to a halt behind the Saugus Speedway [then the Baker Ranch Stadium]. Click for the whole story from SCV History.

The culprit was “Buffalo” Tom Vernon.

Tom vernan

Picture of bank robber "Buffalo" Tom Vernon via is a fascinating resource for local history.


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