Around Town: 4th Annual Valle del Oro Community Festival

NOMAD Program Coordinator Evelyn Serrano announcing the festivities of the day.

More than 100 Newhall residents attended the 4th annual Valle del Oro Community Festival at the “The Village” Apartment complex on Saturday, May 5. The neighborhood festival included a wide variety of differents foods, cultural and educational experiences, information on oral hygiene the Foundation for Children’s Dental Health, and more.

NOMAD Dance Group


The Festival was coordinated by neighborhood volunteers, Anti-Gang Task Force members, Cal Arts students, and instructor Evelyn Serrano. The festival, along with the NOMAD program, helps build community pride, deter crime and increase the quality of life for residents.

The Table of Cooperative Appetite

Other Exhibitions included the 100 Handshake project and The Table of Cooperative Appetite.

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