Santa Clarita Graffiti Task Force 2011 Yearly Report

The 2011 Graffiti Task Force Yearly Report shows graffiti statistics and results that happened in the past year. In the yearly report, the Graffiti Task Force:

  • Removed 6,333 graffiti tags, 55% of the removals were proactive (found by staff while on patrol) and 45% were reported by residents.
  • There was a 25% decrease in gang graffiti compared to 2010.  Over 400 tags were removed in the Old Orchard, Valencia Glen and Bridgeport paseos. 
  • 169 graffiti vandals were arrested – 72% of the taggers were juveniles. Since the inception of the award winning e-graffiti database in 2007, over 1,000 graffiti vandals have been arrested and charged with felony vandalism.
  •  The Graffiti Task Force also attended over 10 restitution hearings to confirm restitution on graffiti vandalism cases.  Over $240,000 dollarswas awarded to the City for damages cause by 22 vandals.  Staff is currently researching other cities to find additional ways to recover damages. To date over $30,000 dollars has been paid to the City.

The City of Santa Clarita’s Graffiti Task Force is a collaborative action group that meets quarterly to discuss and develop solutions to graffiti-related issues and remove graffiti on City Property within the City of Santa Clarita. Graffiti incidents outside of the City’s jurisdiction are forwarded to the appropriate agencies. To report graffiti within unincorporated Los Angeles County (Castaic, Stevenson Ranch, Val Verde, etc.) click here.

Click image to report graffiti within the City of Santa Clarita.

To report graffiti within the City limits, call (661)-25-CLEAN/ (661)-252-5326 or Report Graffiti Through eService.

Click image to see the Graffiti Task Force 2011 Yearly Report.

Click here to check out the 2011 Graffit Task Force 2011 Yearly Report.

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