Postcards from the Past: 4th of July has an amazing archive of historic photos and stories. All pictures included in this  post are from the Santa Clarita Valley Historical Society. 

Photo from 1928 (from depicts 4th of July entrant "Court Officials."

 The blurb for the picture above reads:

Flag draped vehicle riding down street in downtown Newhall possibly as part of a 4th of July parade around 1928. Painted on vehicle: “COURT OFFICIALS. SOLEDAD TOWNSHIP”. The Newhall Garage can be seen in the background of the photograph.

1948 Independence Day Parade, Newhall Dairy Farms entrant (via

The picture above was taken on San Fernando Road in what we now call Old Town Newhall.  The road has been renamed Main Street but this Sunday the Santa Clarita Valley 4th of July Parade will be begin in the same place.

Pictured is the entire 4th of July Parade from 1955 (via

According to SCVHistory there is an interesting story associated with the 1955 parade. 

This is downtown Newhall’s entire 1955 Fourth of July Parade. The Newhall-Saugus Kiwanis had organized the parade until 1938, when American Legion Post 507 took it over. By 1955, however, the parade was in the hands of an association called the “Old West” which, according to historian A.B. Perkins, had “died on its feet.” As seen in this photo, fourteen people (including photographer Richard Trueblood) insisted on keeping the tradition alive. Newhall had seen a Fourth of July Parade every year since 1932, with the exception of two war years.

1950 1st Place Commercial: T.M. Frew Blacksmith Shop (via

Tom Frew II established the family blacksmithing shop in 1900 on San Fernando Road. 

That’s a look at 4th of July “past” on City Briefs, for a look forward to activities on 4th of July “present,” click here.



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