17 Year Anniversiary of 1994 Northridge Earthquake Today

Monday January 17, 2011 is the 17 year anniversary of the Northridge Earthquake, which had devastating effects and caused over 27 million dollars in damage throughout the City of Santa Clarita.  The priority objectives of the City during a disaster are to protect lives, property and the environment.  The City of Santa Clarita maintains emergency operations response plans and procedures for various types of disasters and emergencies.  The plans are developed to strengthen the City’s ability to prepare, mitigate, respond and recover from disasters.

Pictured is a temporary command center setup in the parking lot of City Hall in 1994.

In the event of an emergency, the City utilizes numerous means of communication to keep residents updated. The Emergency Notification System is a regional notification system that is capable of sending notifications via landlines, cell phones, (voice & text) and email.  The system utilizes the regions 911 database, and is able to contact landline telephones whether listed or unlisted. You may register additional telephone numbers, such as cell phones, or an internet service (Voice over IP (VoIP) with the City at www.santa-clarita.com .   

 Residents of the City of Santa and those in neighboring communities can receive information receive emergency information via text message, and also email and web, by registering for the City’s eAlerts – Emergency Texting at www.santa-clarita.com/nixle.

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