City’s YES Program Creates 71 Jobs for Local Youth

Nicholas Ho worked at Anchor Blue for his summer YES job

Nicholas Ho signed on with Anchor Blue for his summer YES job

More than 25 local businesses partnered with the City this year to make Summer Youth Employment Services possible. Currently, 71 Summer YES program local youth participants are employed at businesses across Santa Clarita.

Since 1991, the City of Santa Clarita’s Youth Employment Services (YES) program has provided local youth, aged 14-18 years old, with job employment and job skills training. Offered in 4 sessions correlating with school sessions (winter, spring, summer and fall), the YES program seeks to help participants become acclimated to the workforce and secure job offers or a good references for future employment.

Companies currently participating in the YES program include retailers like Anchor Blue, specialty stores such as AV Party Rental, food retailers like Robeks, and special organizations such as local Boys and Girls Club chapters and the City, as well as many more. CVS pharmacy, SCV Retail Center, TJ Maxx and Rio Norte High School recently became a part of the 2009 Summer YES program, helping teens across Santa Clarita gain valuable work experience.

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